Friday, April 27, 2012

It is easy to forget me

it is easy to forget me
I am a cloud in the corner of your eye
that vanishes in your direct gaze
when the rain comes

I would like to be
the whole of your sky
when the night falls over you
and hunger begins

I will never be the whole of anything
I am the air’s inconsolable heaviness
and the stars glowing
in a dark well

I will never be whole
bits of me have fallen everywhere
my hands vanish in my dreams
like the smoke of a flower

I am here like summer
in the voices of crickets
that fall silent at the sound
of your footstep  

1 comment:

Yamabuki said...

So many times
I have forgotten you
Even now
The color of your eyes
The feel of your hair
The sound of your tears
I am unable to find them
Have you forgotten me too?