Friday, December 2, 2011

A History of Rain


I marvelled at the squid’s mantel,
The sloth’s curled hook,
The magenta lips of orchids.

Behind me barbed feathers
Tore air to turbulence
And then were still.

The soluble sky thickened
As grief heats an eye
To astonished blindness.


You who love me best,
    Have you traced my pulse
       Through city walls?
I was lost already, I retched
    As oil plumed through my blood.

The clouds are still falling
    Huge and angry wounds.
Your heart is an executive
    Who remembers nothing.     

My face is the face of a man
    Who looks down amazed 
       At the murdered thing
His stained hands
       Open like hunger.


It will not lack colour – 
consider the intricate brachiation of silica,
pale spicules green with cyanide algae – 
conifer needles in snow, their colours
unaccountably reversed – 
or the butterfly lustre of sulphur lakes.

Will your eyes blur at this beauty
so unlike you? No, you have long dissolved, 
you, your reflections, your aqueous desires,
into the flame-coloured sky.

1 comment:

Yamabuki said...

In my dreams of rain
I'm walking
In the rain
In the rain
In the rain
Kissing you hard
In the rain
But they're only dreams

The Rain
Oh, the rain
Its silvery wetness
Cold and Damp
Awakens me
To the icy wind
That freezes my mind
Ending the warm dreams
Of kissing you in the rain

The Rain,
Oh the rain
I hate this rain
Yes I know
It makes the flowers grow
But it also fouls my lungs
Blurs my vision
Like a persistent curse
This dark falling rain
Give my back my dreams

I'd rather be in bed
Away from this rain
But mostly I'd rather be
Dreaming of you
Dreaming of the sun
Dreaming of warmth
Dreaming of love
Dreaming of sleep
Curse this freezing rain

The Rain,
Oh, the rain
Why this restless rain
On this last day of March
I find myself alone
Walking the dark streets
Cold and wet
Late night
Where are my Dreams

What is this rain
Will it never end
Should I build an ark
And collect animals
Or Should I just give up
And lay down
To sleep
And dream
Right here
In the mud

If only I could return
To my warm dreams of you

(My poem
"Rainy Night Dreams"
Oddly this poem
Is the most popular
Of all the poems
Posted to my web blog)